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Tampa Bay Tech @ Edgewater

FHSAA Regional Semifinal

Frank E. Lough Stadium   |  Orlando, Florida |  7:00p

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If you're interested in knowing when AJ's training and preparing for games, camps, and meets, check out his full calendar here. It's updated weekly so you'll know what he's up to at all times. The calendars are a great way to stay up-to-date on when he's going to be at practice and games at Edgewater. His Twitter account (@TheAJHoward) will be where specific information regarding when tournaments and camps are happening and for any unexpected last minute changes in plans.

  • Group and Individual Training
  • 7v7 (18U) Practices & Tournaments
  • High School Track Meets & Baseball Games
  • High School Football Practices & Games
  • Football Camps
  • Unofficial and Official Visits

Created with you in mind

We've set up this page for you to be able to access all of AJ's important scheduling information in one place. One of his favorite things about having this website and social media presence is that it allows for him to keep everyone updated. If you'd like to invite AJ to an event or tournament, feel free to contact his coach.

This Month's Important Dates

  • 11/4: Boone @ Edgewater
  • 11/12: First Coast @ Edgewater (FHSAA Regional Quarterfinal)
  • 11/18: Tampa Bay Tech @ Edgewater (FHSAA Regional Semifinal)
  • 11/25: (FHSAA Regional Final)

Dec '22

12/2: (FHSAA State Semifinals)

12/9: (FHSAA State Championship)

Jan '23

Feb '23

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AJ Howard Highlights

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AJ Howard highlights provide you a quick look at his ability to compete on the football field. Here's a sneak peek of AJ's performance over the past few months. His coaching and hard work are to thank for a large part of what shows up on film. As you can see, he's never afraid to get his nose dirty and block on the inside. He can read the defense like a QB, run a textbook dig route, sit down in the correct window, make a first down catch, and then the next play, use his speed on a deep route for a TD. This is AJ Howard at his best and it's all on film for your viewing pleasure.

If there's anything you feel he needs to work on, please contact AJ Howard and share with him. He loves to take coaching.

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