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He's Called a Student-Athlete for a Reason.

At Edgewater High School, you get more than a top-tier football program. You get an entire school focused on producing student-athletes who succeed both on and off the field. Most people aren't aware, Edgewater High School has an elite engineering program, too. The program is difficult to get into, but after reviewing AJ Howard's transcripts he was promptly accepted into the program. As a rising star on campus during a successful high school football career, he's not only a leader on the field, but in the classroom as well.

At this point in his Junior year of High School, AJ Howard has a 3.1 GPA . This is an accomplishment considering he's taking four Honors classes (Math, Science, Social Studies, and English). AJ Howard plans to continue taking Honors core courses next semester and beyond. Doing so, he expects it will further boost his GPA in semesters to come. AJ's goal is to reach a 3.5 or better by graduation day and strives daily to meet that goal. With testing rapidly approaching, he's working with a personal tutor and preparing to take the SAT for the first time; Spring 2023.

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Not As Easy As It Looks

In the past, AJ Howard has had a difficult transition from middle school to high school. Apart from being a teenager and Covid-19, there were major adjustments going on in his life. The first major change for AJ was the return of his father from overseas after retiring from the Air Force. Shortly after, AJ Howard and his father were moving from his hometown of Tampa to Orlando, Florida where he had to make new social connections. These events would be hard for anyone to balance let alone a 15 yr old boy. Although it was tough, he managed to keep his composure and focus on his schoolwork throughout the process.

While he's proud of his achievements, he also wants to protect his privacy. If you want to see his transcript or report cards, you can contact AJ directly. He'll be able to provide all the necessary documentation.

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